New video from Combat Games 2013.

New official video from the Sport Accord World Combat Games in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Fun to see such professional filmed and edited video of our demonstration. Its already a memory, but it was a very special moment.

Article by Stefan Stenudd Shihan.

Video from our last embukai, 1 of 4 total that we did.

Hanmi Handachi yokomen uchi, day 2 of embukai ( demonstrations ) at the world combat games. We were quite happy with the result, a few mistakes, but thats life.

We think that video from the other demonstrations we made will also be available soon.

Videos from the World Combat Games

Videos from the World Combat Games

On my way to Russia, Amsterdam first stop.

At last the day is here, I’m on my way to St. Petersburg and the combat games. This is a trip packed with many first time experiences for me. First time to Amsterdam (4 hours to change plane) this is a city I want to come back to sometime to see more than the airport;) First time to St Petersburg, and Russia. And first time to demonstrate aikido in such scale, also I’ll meet many other aikido practitioners and practitioners of other martial arts for the first time. It’s very exiting, and I only slept for 4 hours tonight, since my flight leaves at 6.35 in the morning, I had to wake up early to go to Flesland Airport, about 20 minutes outside Bergen city center. I think I have packed all I need, hope so, I’m always a little nervous that I have forgotten something important. But most of the time I pack a little too much. It’s quite some time since I traveled abroad, so it’s really nice and I feel a little rusty. Happily check in and everything at the airport has gone well so far. Now they are calling that we can start going to gate!

My presentation video for the World Combat Games 18-27 October 2013.

Late, but better than never as we say here in Norway. A few days ago my video was finally ready for publishing. It had been both an interesting and challenging prosess. It is actually always a lot harder to make what I envision inside my own head into reality than I think. But with help from some of my friends from the dojo, I was able to make something I think ended up ok. As good as I could at this time, with my old mac, and software. A big thank you has to go to my dojo in Haugesund, they have bought a good camera, and I was able to use it for this. Also Erlend who was uke for me in the video, helped by bringing his camera the first time we rehearsed.

A big challenge was to decide on what to show, which techniques, how much, from what angle etc. Then there is the actual footage you end up with, can I use it, does it look ok? How should I edit/cut/time it? Apple said about design in one of their latest videos that for every yes there is a thousand no’s, that is very true.

Now the video is out on the web, and it is nice to hear positive remarks, in 24 hours it has been seen over 900 times! I have made videos before and posted on YouTube, it has taken a considerable longer time for them to be viewed so many times, so that’s very nice.
The Aikido community around the world is quite large, and I think there is some interest for this event.

I like many of the other groups videos also. It has been nice to get a feel for who they are and what they do, and now I am really looking forward to meeting them. I am going to share hotel room with a aikido practitioner from Hong Kong I think, that’s going to be interesting, but I think we won’t have much time at the hotel, as we are going to spend most of our time on the tatami. I even don’t think we will have much time for seeing St. Petersburg, but I hope so.

Only one week left before we go to Russia!

Thy Thy Vanem presentation video for the World Combat Games.

My friend and colleague Thy Thy Vanem has posted her introduction video to the Sport accord world combat games 2013.

Actually Thy Thy and her husband Erik where two of my main teachers of Aikido several years ago when I lived in Oslo. It was when I studied japanese language and other related subjects at the University of Oslo from 2003-2006. At that time I was a enthusiastic member of the Oslo Aikido Klubb and I got my 5th,4th and 3 kyu during that time.

I remember the keiko at OAK as an especially dynamic one, compared with many other dojos I have practiced in. It was quite demanding, and at that time my ukemi skills very not very much developed, and I struggled to keep up. Now after some years of practicing in my own dojo in Haugesund and now in Bergen, I always enjoy to meet my old friends from OAK, its very nice to see the dojo developing in a very nice way,  and we always have a lot of fun on the mats!

Looking forward to travel to St. Petersburg and demonstrate Aikido with Thy Thy!